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The Brand

Since its creation in 1860, Chopard has perpetuated a heritage rich in traditions and craftsmanship by conceptualising and manufacturing creations with a contemporary charm synonymous with ethics and emotions. A family business, Chopard is headed by Co-Presidents Caroline and her brother Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. Together, they compose the musical score of a Maison that is constantly renewed through a diversity of styles and materials, unmatched creativity and a will to overcome technical constraints, as well as by a series of bold moves.

A family story

Passed on from one generation to the next since the Maison was founded, Chopard’s identity has been forged over time, and with the contribution of every member of the family who oversee it. Nowadays, it is this unique Family Spirit that differentiates Chopard in the world of High Jewellery and High Watchmaking. It is evident in every step the Maison takes, along with its hallmarks of Emotion and Generosity. This same spirit epitomises the human dimension governing both internal and external relations.

Craftman and indenpendence

The Maison’s independence has guided its development strategy since its founding, an approach made possible by a family shareholding structure. This is expressed through the watch industry’s highest level of vertical integration. Everything sold by Chopard is made in one of its three production sites, a unique phenomenon within the profession. This policy goes hand in hand with a culture of craftsmanship. Today, more than 50 skills are mastered within the workshops of the Maison, including some of the rarest and the most complex. They enable a freer and more innovative creative expression, combined with a constant quest for excellence, thereby guaranteeing the highest standard of quality.

Daring and creativity

Daring and Creativity are the source of Chopard’s innovation and originality. They meet and merge when work and inspiration combine as a driving force, underpinning the perseverance and determination shown in the vibrant day-to-day life of the Maison, its winning and adventurous attitude and culture of courage. Through a dynamic approach to cutting-edge Research & Development, which serves to explore and develop processes and materials that are unprecedented on the market, Chopard’s Creative Audacity drives a new technical dimension.

Responsible business

In 2013, Chopard embarked on a Journey to Sustainable Luxury, an ambitious long-term commitment driven by a sense of profound humility and dedicated to making a positive difference in the luxury business.  The Maison adopts an ethical approach to its activities that involves controlling the origin of the raw materials it uses as well as production methods – all of which is achievable because of its complete independence and vertical integration. The Maison has committed to a partnership with Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM); use of Ethical Gold; the Green Carpet Collection; the RJC certificate for the Maison and its suppliers; adherence to the Kimberley Process, Minergie, etc.