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Hour Passion: the emotion and passion of watchmaking

Above all things, Hour Passion is the story of a passion: proud to represent the Swatch Group brands as well as being in permanent touch with them, we want to share with you our knowledge of watchmaking every time you come visit our boutiques. 

Present over three continents, we provide a luxury and diverse shopping experience all around the world. Longines, Tissot, Swatch... Our watch and jewelry selections are made to fit all budgets and wishes.

Hour Passion's affiliation to the Swatch Group sets us as an authentic official retailer of its brands and as a legitimate Swiss watchmaking ambassador. We are happy to help you discover the history and savoir-faire of internationally notorious brands every day. 

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Our History

Created in 2004, Hour Passion never stopped growing. From the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport to Japan, Rome, New York, or Moscow, Hour Passion went up from 5 to 55 boutiques in just fifteen years. 

Our stores in the Paris, Nice or Geneva airports were amongst our first openings, soon followed by numerous other boutiques in airports with an even bigger stature like those in Rome, Zurich or Osaka. In the course of our expansion, Hour Passion also developed in carefully selected premium outlets situated in London, Seoul, New York or even Milan, where you can find our watch and jewellery selections at a reduced price. 

The passion of excellency

Hour Passion was born from our will to share our passion for Swiss watchmaking and the attentive care we offer each of our customers. For over fifteen years, we have had for a vocation to tell you the history of our brands through rich and meaningful shopping experiences placed under the sign of excellency. 

Shrewd advisor, Hour Passion helps you fill your eyes and ears with wonders. Entering our stores is not only a way to discover our watches and jewels but also to meet our staff: helpful and full of anecdotes, they will tell you the stories hidden behind our most emblematic products. 

Connoisseur and attentive, our collaborators are your guides through your Hour Passion moments. Whether at an airport or in an outlet store, we bring you our entire attention and courtesy.

Our engagements

Authentic quality products, a warm welcome and a desire to display the excellency of Swiss made savoir-faire: from the moment you come into our store to the after-sales services, Hour Passion is your watch and jewellery purchase companion. 

Certified retailer

We are bound in a long-lasting partnership with the watch and jewellery brands we represent: we certify you the origin, traceability and quality of each item you purchase with us. 

Every watch and piece of jewellery sold in our stores have a serial number and are given out to you with an authenticity certificate. As our products are coming straight from the brands to our boutiques, you can be sure to make safe purchases everywhere around the world at Hour Passion.

The Swiss made quality and expertise

A Swiss made watch is a lasting, reparable watch with a “Swiss Made” stamp attesting its certified origin. Savoir-faire, flawless quality, quality components, sophisticated design... Whatever the brand or price, a watch sold in our Hour Passion stores can stand the test of time. 

High-tech robotics, innovating technologies and authentic Swiss craftsmanship, there are the secrets of the making of the watches we present you. In example, the Vallée de Joux workshops keeps on handcrafting components thanks to rare and protected techniques! If you ever get curious, come in and have a chat with our advisors. They are real experts and will explain you all the secrets of our watch and their brands, from Tissot to Longines, from Swatch to Omega!

Guaranteed products

All available products in our Hour Passion stores are guaranteed for a 2 to 5 year period depending on the item and the brand's own conditions. Once your watch or jewels purchased, we activate their guarantee and deliver you a certificate of guarantee and authenticity. You can apply your rights to guarantee in any Hour Passion store, at other certified retailers or at your product's brand's stores all over the world. 

For your complete serenity, our sales advisors are trained to operate little repairs on your watch like changing a battery or bracelet and will answer any question you have. If your product needs further fixing than what our collaborators can provide, we send it straight to their original manufacture and it will be returned to you brand new. Please note that the loss, theft or deterioration and intervention on your behalf can annul your guarantee rights.

Expert and kind advisors

In our stores, from decor to reception, our keywords are warmth and kindness. Do you have any question, is there something you need...are you just curious? Enter our Hour Passion boutiques to discover our universe and meet our attentive and caring staff. Along with being experts on the technical aspects of watches, our advisors also know a lot of anecdotes about the products: thanks to them, you will definitely know everything about the watch that caught your eye! 

Our advisors are the very first Hour Passion ambassadors and will accompany you everywhere around the world in all of our stores.

Social and environmental ethics

Our Group is engaged for the defence of the environment. The production units are careful about using recyclable matters and substances as well as they apply environmental work methods. 

Excellency also means taking into account and respect nature and men. Ethical and social engagements rule the choice of raw material, especially precious metals, exotic leathers and diamonds. These sensitive materials could come from regions known for their absence of labour and child labour regulation as well as poaching. To act against this, the Swatch Group respects the Process of Kimberley and gets their supplies in war-free zones.

The Swatch Group issued a chart of environmental and social conducts you can download here. It is in conformity with the section 54 of the British Modern Slavery Act.