A passion for watches in every boutique

Hour Passion is now a leading retailer of watches and jewellery in airports and premium outlet stores. The products we have on offer range from essentials to some of the most prestigious luxury brands on the market. From Swatch and Tissot, through Longines and Omega to Blancpain and Breguet, we offer a wide selection of internationally reputed watch brands in each of our boutiques.
Hour Passion is a concept store belonging to the Swatch Group, the world's largest watchmaker. Since its origin in 2004, it has been specialized in the watches and jewellery multi-brand retail.
Our watch boutiques offer the best “Swiss made” watches, as well as a range of jewellery in selected locations. Our sales advisers are on hand to show you all of our collections and help you find the watch or piece of jewellery that's right for you. Our partners and customers all over the world trust our brand and are satisfied with our products, which speaks volumes about our expertise and makes us want to continue to share our passion with you.

Why Hour Passion?

Hour Passion is an official supplier of all the watch and jewellery brands we sell, from our airport locations to our city boutiques and outlets. This means that all of our stock is made up exclusively of products distributed directly from watch manufacturers and original production centres. Each product comes with a serial number and is sold with a guarantee certificate as proof of its origin and quality. This also means that the brands we sell trust us and recognise our competence and expertise.

Our commitments

Find our boutiques

Our network of watch boutiques is made up of some fifty sales outlets in Europe, Asia and North America. Use our store locator to find your nearest boutique or visit us when you take your next trip. To find out which watch brands and collections we have on offer in each of our sales outlets, check the specific information page for each boutique and contact the boutique directly to find out which models are in stock.