DiaStar Original Skeleton - We could make it, so we did

  • Jun, 29 2023
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In contrast with other designs of the era, the 1962 DiaStar was a stunning piece of work, breaking new ground. Its unusual and very distinctive shape, its extremely resistant tungsten-carbide case, became signature elements and built the watch a strong following through the decades. The timepiece expressed in the most unequivocal way, the motto of Rado's founders "If we can imagine it, we can make it. And if we can make it, we will." To mark the 60th anniversary of this extraordinary watch, the case saw a change from hardmetal to Rado CeramosTM in 2022, and one might say that the revolutionary watch became an evolutionary icon. The design continued its unrelenting journey and progress in the true spirit of Rado's quest as Master of Materials.

The latest edition continues this pioneering work, alongside other product lines, extending Rado's creative concept "The Art of Skeletonisation" and featuring yet another variant of the high-quality R808 automatic calibre, anthracite-grey coated in this version and complemented by various elements in its workings, for a lovely visual dance of contrasts. Thanks to sapphire crystal windows on both front and back, the gorgeous automatic movement can be appreciated in full technical elegance, with no need whatsoever to rush, as the new DiaStar Original Skeleton provides 80 hours of power reserve. An antimagnetic Nivachron™ hairspring ensures that everything stays extremely precise and reliable, in a movement that has been tested in a full five positions.

No detail was left untouched in the design phase, from smaller ones such as the clever shape of the seconds sweeper to the gorgeous front sapphire crystal, facetted on the external face with a totally eye-catching square motif reminiscent of an earlier model and treated with anti-reflective coating on the inside face. The bracelet is a very comfortable triple-row type in polished stainless steel, with an H-link design and attractive, alternating polished/brushed elements. It is fastened by a triple-fold stainless-steel buckle for reliable safety.