Rado Centrix Open Heart: Spark of True Love and Bridge to Eternity

  • Apr, 10 2024
  • Brands

The new Centrix Open Heart tells a Rado love story to match the most evocative moods that the brand has ever created. While most watches are usually about familiar shapes wrapped in grand craftsmanship, in the best cases, the new Centrix establishes a fresh new narrative, with design stylings and elements that speak of eternal love, sparkling memories and places where only the purest hearts may travel. 

In recent watchmaking history, everyone has seen interesting, sometimes quite exciting design explorations that have blended colours, textures, shapes or materials, things already quite synonymous with the Rado brand name as we know it. The new Centrix Open Heart strikes an even brighter starlit note, with special design elements that totally spark the imagination and indeed, the human fascination for metaphor. The dial of the new Centrix brings to mind that eternal symbol so dear to lovers everywhere— the bridge between worlds, the now and the beyond, that forever has allowed the spirit to travel safely over life's challenges. A bridge, two gentle curves, with the upper one punctuated for a brief instant by the centre of the timepiece upon which the hands pivot in perfect harmony. The design then neatly flows outward unhindered, free, over to the dial's edge. A large window, reminiscent at once of dawn and dusk, beautifully frames a state-of-the-art R734 automatic movement with 80 hours of power reserve and a NivachronTM hairspring, as well as a deeply elegant rippled-sunlight "ondulé soleil" motif on chosen component surfaces. 

The dial's background shade matches that of the bracelet's central links, in Rado high-tech ceramic, while the case and outer bracelet elements chase each other in playful harmony, ever warming lovers' hearts in comforting shades of rose-gold-coloured PVD-finished stainless steel. A gently convex sapphire crystal with a rounded edge, bonded to the case, closes the design and gives perfect readability, thanks to antireflective coating on both faces. Elegant metallised branding and model information is applied directly to the inside of the crystal, in matching rose-gold colour. A second sapphire crystal equips the stainless-steel case back, to allow an insightful glance into the Open Heart's workings, in this latest addition to the Rado “Art of Skeletonization” product series. 

To satisfy everyone's own, very personal love story, different models are available, including one in plasma high-tech ceramic. A light, bright and airy-feeling version comes with a white mother-of-pearl dial surface and matching high-tech-ceramic bracelet central links. A more contrasting and intense version comes with a dark-brown mother-of-pearl dial and matching high-tech-ceramic bracelet links, cast against the same rich, rose-gold-coloured PVD-treated stainless-steel case and bracelet outer links. Among the many versions, the Jubilé models feature twelve Top-Wesselton full-cut diamonds as indices to mark the hours, while two Super Jubilé versions add a further sparkling stream of diamonds along the lower arch of the bridge, as an ultimate statement of love-struck sophistication and finesse. As the constellations write their eternal stories above our heads, they build bridges for lovers to meet. Those with a Centrix Open Heart hold their breath and keep very still, with grace, trust and precision, for up to 80 hours...