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Count on me

Reliable, precise, innovative: Certina has dedicated over 130 years to the fine art of Swiss watchmaking. We prioritise high-quality workmanship, modern technology and true sporting spirit. And we don't just mean top athletic performances. It's about reliability, sustainability and being open to new things.

In order to ensure that all Certina timepieces meet these various standards, they must adhere to strict quality criteria. These criteria are reflected in the uncompromisingly robust "Double Security" DS Concept as well as in the ""Swiss Made"" mark of origin and quality label which characterises all the timepieces in the collection.

Tradition and Progress

The adventure began in 1888 in Grenchen, Switzerland, where the brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth opened a workshop for high-value watch components and movements. Soon afterwards they began making finished watches. From 1906 on these watches were known as "Grana", a reference to "Granacus", the Latin name for the town of Grenchen. The 50th anniversary in 1938 was an important step forward for the family firm. This step was marked by a new brand name: Certina. The neologism, derived from "certus", Latin for "certain, sure", gives explicit expression to the qualities of the watches.

DS concept

Durability and reliability are of critical importance to Certina. These values led to the development of the unique DS Concept, which was first launched by the brand in 1959 and stands for "Double Security" (DS). These extensive security features in the structure of every single Certina timepiece, regardless of collection or function, are what makes it so robust and reliable in the long term.

Back in the 1960s, the first Certina DS models demonstrated their extraordinary quality and durability in a series of spectacular expeditions and research projects. Would you like to find out more? Read a summary of our company history here.

Turtle symbol

The turtle shell symbolises robustness and durability – characteristics borne by all Certina watches, without exception. It's therefore no wonder that the turtle shell has been the brand's personal symbol since the 1960s. To this day, the characteristic outline can still be found on almost every Certina timepiece, as well as on the brand logo. It evokes the extraordinary durability which characterises every Certina watch.

However, the turtle shell is also an expression of Certina's affinity with the element of water. In the past, the brand has been involved in some significant international underwater research projects and currently lends its support to the Sea Turtle Conservancy and its Tour de Turtles. The Florida-based organisation is dedicated to ensuring the survival of the sea turtle and conserving its habitats. Find out more about the Sea Turtle Conservancy, its aims and its partnership with Certina here.

Swiss made

All Certina watches bear the "Swiss Made" mark of origin and quality label, which shows them to be authentic paradigms of Swiss watchmaking. The brand has been based in Switzerland since 1888 and feels inextricably linked to its historical and geographical roots.

"Swiss Made" not only shows the material origin of the watch, it also alludes to its background. The requirements that this designation places on the watch and movement are stringent and clearly defined. This means that the buyer of an original "Swiss Made" timepiece can be certain that they own a watch of real Swiss quality.

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