Why you should invest in a watch for all occasions

  • May, 7 2021
  • Advice
a watch for all occasions
a watch for all occasions
a watch for all occasions

In the world of watches, it’s possible to have everything, with models that are robust, structured and sophisticated all at the same time. Hamilton, Tissot and Longines, to name just a few examples, are among the watchmaking houses that offer watches designed for people on the go who like a classic, sophisticated look but also like to push their own limits.

These watches can be worn for everything, whether it's playing sports, taking a shower, working at the office, riding a motorbike or taking a trip to the beach. It’s not just extreme adventurers and explorers who can benefit from having a watch on their wrist at all times and – best of all – never having to worry about taking it off.

You don’t need to have any special talents at all to take advantage of a watch that’s rock solid, almost indestructible, yet still has an immaculate design and finish.
It might be that you don't always have time to get changed between dashing around in the daytime and going to a dinner party in the evening.
Even if you’re not planning on going diving or parachute jumping any time soon, you might have a complicated, fragmented schedule even on weekends and therefore need a watch that can keep up with you and take the strain of everyday life without giving out.

A stainless steel case with a matching strap is always a good bet. Another option is to go for a rubber strap.
The face should be protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective treatment.

When it comes to movements, ideally you should opt for one of the better Swiss mechanisms, renowned for their quality and recognised as the best in the world.

It’s a good idea to ensure that the watch you've chosen is truly waterproof and not just splash-resistant. You might not be a diving champion, but if you play sports or take a shower while wearing your watch, you really need a proper waterproof model (ideally at least 10 or 20 ATM).

Remember to check that the hand and indices are luminescent, so you can keep track of time whatever the hour, day or night. The most important factor, of course, is comfort.

When it comes to all-purpose watches, there’s no need for fancy functions. The idea is to be able to switch effortlessly from country to city mode and from sportswear to evening wear.

Make sure you don’t choose a watch with too large a diameter if you like to wear long-sleeved shirts with a tight fit. Your choice of wristwatch is bound to be dictated by your habits and personal preferences.

Think carefully about your daily routine and what you will use your watch for before starting your search. How comfortable do you want the material to be? How chunky? What sorts of functions do you need (e.g. stopwatch, calendar)? You might be looking for a more subtle design that’s appropriate in all situations. Or perhaps the opposite is the case.

Maybe you prefer models that have a distinctly sporty design and are shock-resistant with an almost military look but are also perfectly adapted to city dwellers who only rarely use them in extreme conditions.

A watch for all occasions offers the works. These tend to be high-quality models that allow you throw yourself into any situation with style and sophistication. These watches have the full package and are usually great value for money.
But above all, they are robust enough to withstand all kinds of strain and their versatility is unparalleled. Ideal for modern parents who scoot off to the office first thing in the morning, then live warrior-like lifestyles during the day before coming home to bathe the kids or go for a jog in the park.

With a robust design for all situations, a watch for all occasions is perfect for the contemporary adventurer. These sturdy yet elegant and sophisticated models (almost!) provide an all-purpose insurance against everything life may throw at you.