How to choose your first watch?

  • Feb, 23 2023
  • Advice
Photo _ comment choisir sa 1èremontre

Maybe it’s your birthday, or you just want to indulge in a quality watch for the first time. And where’s the harm in that? After all, you know yourself better than anyone. So, here are a few tips.

First of all, whether you choose a great classic or some futuristic new design, the watch has to be one you like. That goes without saying, but it is worth mentioning. Some rare watches become more valuable with time, and you might be tempted to say yes to a good deal. But one thing’s for sure, if you want a watch that’s comfortable, one you can wear every day, it has to be suited to your physical appearance. That’s paramount. It would be pointless to shell out for some 41-millimetre steel watch if you’re fine-boned with slim wrists; it will be too heavy and you’ll feel awkward when you’re wearing it. Before you choose any particular brand, remember that the watch you wear on your wrist should suit your personality, your style and your way of life. It can’t be stressed enough, you have to feel comfortable wearing it. Ideally, you should go in-person to a shop to compare models and try them on if possible. In terms of style, the current trend is for unisex watches rather than strictly masculine or feminine designs, but you could also go the other way and choose a trophy or jewellery watch.

After that, it’s down to personal taste. What kind of bracelet do you like: leather strap, rubber band, Milanese bracelet and stainless steel bracelet? Then, of course, there’s the mechanism: a quartz watch that runs on batteries, a mechanical watch that you wind manually, or an automatic, which is also mechanical but winds automatically whilst you’re wearing it. The last two types—mechanical and automatic—are highly esteemed by watch connoisseurs because they’re the finest watches you can buy. They have genuine watch movements assembled from dozens of small parts, or even hundreds for the most prestigious ones. There are some very affordable mechanical and automatic watches of excellent quality out there, such as Tissot and Hamilton; there are more high-end ranges like Longines; and then you have luxury or prestige brands like Breguet. Models at the bottom end of the range start at a few hundred euros, while those at the top end can be several thousand. There are endless models to choose from, but budget aside (although budget does often limit the choice, unfortunately) you have to ask yourself the right questions. Will you be wearing your watch on a daily basis? Does it need to be waterproof? Will you wear it at the beach in summer? Can you wear it with a suit? Is it a watch for going out in? Do you normally wear t-shirts or shirts with cuffs? The answers to these questions will guide you to the right watch, one that will stay the course and that you might someday gift to your son or daughter on their 18th birthday. It will be special because it’s the first watch you own, so it has to be versatile, too: suitable for both a visit to Niagara Falls and for riding around the streets of Rome on a scooter. You can’t choose a different watch to suit the occasion if you have only one. 

So before you decide, consider the various situations where you’ll be wearing it and the things you do in your spare time—like gardening or sewing, for example. Unless you need a watch such as the Omega Moonwatch to satisfy your passion for lunar travel, in which case you’re in luck. But for everyone else, rest assured you won’t have just one watch for long; you’ll soon get into the game. You might buy yourself a gold city watch with three hands to go with your sports car, or swap your diver’s watch for a Bréguet when you’re out celebrating. Because one watch leads to another; it’s a well-known fact!