Which watch for the 40th birthday?

  • Sep, 28 2023
  • Advice

It's the ideal gift, one that involves friends, brothers, sisters and the whole family: what watch is the best gift for a loved one for their 40th birthday?

Indeed, this is the best age to approach classic watchmaking and learn about the best it has to offer. Breguet, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Omega, Longines, Rado, Union Glashütte, Tissot, Balmain, Certina, Mido, Hamilton, Swatch and Flik Flak are among the most beautiful watchmaking companies whose iconic models have captivated celebrants for decades. These are reference and time-tested brands offering exceptional timepieces that can be worn daily and even passed down to children or grandchildren. A sustainable investment, in line with your values. Why? Because at 40, a beautiful mechanical watch, a timeless timepiece is a symbol of maturity, of knowledge. At 20, you may want to be able to change your watch every day, to be fashionable, in tune with the current trends. Having become an adult, you can easily opt for stability, including on your own wrist.

Thus, the choice can only be an iconic model. One can claim a piece of watchmaking history for their wrist, as a proof that they are not a neophyte, but a well-informed enthusiast. When in the prime of life, one naturally shows more confidence in what they wear. Wearing an iconic model means to claim an interest in beautiful things, sophistication, precision, technology, history.

At 40, you have to feel free to express your taste and finally fall for the watch you've dreamed of since you were little, that of James Bond or other masters who were able to overcome special challenges. Your taste, your colours and your budget will lead you towards this or that brand, this or that model, but it's important to let your dreams guide you. The first intuitions are often the best. To be gifting an iconic model of watchmaking is not an act of ostentation: the most sought-after, the most complex and the most expensive watches are rarely the most visible.

At 40, it's almost compulsory to display a watch icon on your wrist. Your style is not defined by a watch or a brand, but it's enhanced by them. Your 40th birthday's watch is the piece that establishes your authority, your taste, which gives you a boost without defining you entirely. Your taste can lead you towards a more formal, sportier, vintage-inspired or more contemporary piece. By evolving their style, and updating the movements with their perpetual innovations, Omega or Longines, for example, have lots of back-and-forth between neoclassical aesthetics and design, ultra-modern movements and historical inspirations. Of course, then there's the mythical brands, the most desirable. However, Tissot or Hamilton offer unbeatable price ranges for those in their 40s who want to indulge themselves with very beautiful watches that are less expensive than the most famous brands. They offer timeless models based on exceptional value for money. Nothing to do with models that become obsolete and lose value. These are indeed excellent watches that will accompany you for a long time. Beautiful quality of manufacturing, thoughtful design, proven movements, robust and reliable, these are great models that are worth considering! And behind their apparent classic appearance, there is often a stunning modern mechanism. These are beautiful timepieces, carefully crafted, not children's toys. Refinement, sobriety, elegance, are the criteria that will allow you to find your timeless piece, distinct from ordinary smartwatches. The best solution is to choose a unique item that fits your personality or that of the recipient of the gift. Something sober that you can wear with anything and for any occasion.