What is the most fashionable colour for a watch?

  • Apr, 3 2023
  • Advice
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Until very recently, watchmaking had a limited colour chart: gold, silver, black and white, with sometimes a touch of red on a counter or a chrono hand. Swatch being the exception to this rule: for over 40 years, they have created pop and fun watches. But in today’s modern world, the range of colours on offer and the choices available are much more varied. When choosing a case, you usually have several possible combinations for the main colours: steel/silver, gold and rose gold or black. The bezels, crowns and dials can also offer many variations or options. Our only advice is to choose the one that best suits your skin colour or your tastes. Bearing this in mind, the first impression is often the right one!

The most popular is steel colour. It is also the most discreet, whether matt, bright, polished, or chrome. Silver is the colour of watchmaking par excellence. The steel case is the most popular and also the most versatile as it adapts to all situations. Most watches have a steel-coloured case, although some brands offer cases in colours such as bronze and black, which have become very fashionable.

In recent years, the collections of many brands have also multiplied the black PVD finishes, which consist of vaporising a black coating on the metal of the case. It gives a military, underground, somewhat industrial look to the case. The black colour totally changes the spirit of a watch; it gives it a sporty, resolutely modern aspect. But of course, cases are not the only parts that can be enhanced: bracelets and dials can also come in different colours and finishes. Everyone can therefore find what they are looking for among all the available combinations, even if it is not yet possible to have a watch made to measure at at an affordable price. The most common dial colours are black, white and champagne colour (especially for ladies’ watches). That said, a classic white dial has the advantage of going with all types of bracelets or bezels. A dark colour like blue or brown gives the dial a contemporary or vintage look, depending on the finish, but certainly more original. Dark dials, very fashionable, do not go with any type of bracelet or case. For two seasons, dark green dials have seen a rise in popularity. Like glacier blue or glossy brown, dark green, used in the 70s, has come back in fashion and gives your wrist a certain modernity.

One of the reasons for this change of fashion is the relentless research and development of major brands that follow trends and are constantly innovating. New materials, new alloys, ceramics, dyes or explosive combinations seduce with their constantly renewed inventiveness. Much to the pleasure of those looking for a more original or stand-out watch.

One thing is certain, the trend is towards colour, pink or powdery yellow, lighter, softer or more daring shades, such as red or orange and even turquoise. Almost everyone has been seduced, from the most commercial brands to the most classic. Among the younger generation, we observe the success of electric, bold colours, which dare and show off. More funky colours, outside the traditional codes of Swiss watchmaking. And it's a festive, joyful trend, which is here to stay and promises lots of innovations full of audacity.